WHAT | art

The Cucuyo day is built around structured art and Spanish instruction, and filled in with a plethora of delicious food, spontaneous conversation and valuable experiential learning. Because Cucuyo provides such a wide range of learning platforms and environments, participants can feel confident that they will have access to a learning experience that meets their unique needs.

A Bit About Our Workshops

Cucuyo finds continuity within a community valuable. As a result, Cucuyo takes place within the context of the same community, involving many of same participants, year after year. In order to keep the proverbial creative juices flowing, we offer new workshop topics every year. While the specific art mediums vary greatly, the consistency lies in the highly-interactive nature of the workshops, whose foremost function is to serve as vehicles for exchange between cultures, generations, and the internal and external self. Cucuyo workshops are accessible to the entry-level artist, but complex enough to develop the competencies of more experienced artists. 

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