Support & Communication

Youth Coordinator

The Youth Coordinator you and your teen's principal resource and support before, during, and after the program. While abroad your teen will see the Coordinator daily and he/she is available 24 hours a day. Your teen's Coordinator is there to help them with any and all problems that might arise during their stay.

Host Family

Our host families have been carefully screened and personally visited by the Director and Coordinators. Host families are excited about accommodating your teen in their home and will treat them as a member of their family. There are sure to be some difficult moments, especially in the beginning of the stay when everything is new and your language skills are more limited. A period of adjustment is expected both for your teen and the host family, so communication will be key throughout their stay.

Teen Peers & Artist Instructors

Apart from their time with their host family, the most significant interactions and learning experiences while your teen is abroad take place during their workshops. Your teen will be able to process their joys and struggles through formal and informal feedback sessions with their peers. A unique facet of Cucuyo is that, just like your teen, the majority of the Artist Instructors are having their first Dominican experience and many are working to acquire language skills just like your teen. This helps to dissolve artificial hierarchical divides and results in another source of comfort and understanding for your teen.

Cucuyo Director

Cucuyo Director Laura Vaughn is available to you, the parent, by cell phone 24 hours a day during the program dates. She also serves as a counselor to your teen and liason on behalf of your teen should any conflicts arise.