Health & Safety


Sometimes a traveler will experience physical discomforts due to a change in environment.  A person's organisim is used to a particular regimen of food and type of climate.  Some bodies are more sensitive than others to changes and so the reality is that even though precautions are taken, your teen may experience mild discomforts.  We do, however, take precautions.  All drinking water is bottled and fresh fruits and vegetables are prepared with potable water as well.  Each teen is required to be provided with a mosquito net and Cucuyo encourages your teen to check with the Center for Disease Control about suggested vaccines.

Bonao has it's own hospital and various clinics.  Should your teen need medical attention beyond the scope of these facilities, he/she will be taken to Clinica Abreu, the Peace Corp's hospital of choice in the Capital.  The iNext health insurance that Cucuyo provides for your teen covers these expenses in most cases; though it is important to read the iNext policy carefully as well as understand what your teen's home health policy covers when the policy holder is overseas.


The Dominican Republic is one of the most stable countries in Latin America. Bonao is not a big city, but unfamiliar surroundings always pose risks.  This is why we will cover health and safety information with your teen in their handbook and during the cucuyo orientation.  Each teen's Dominican family must always be informed as to their whereabouts during the day.  At night, in addition to your teen's Dominican family, his/her youth coordinator must be called and informed and your teen may never go out at night alone.  Public transport is prohibited at night.