Why you'll want your teen to participate.

–Cultural competence and the exercise of critical thinking are important Cucuyo goals.  The Cucuyo Experience is only the first step on a life-long journey to develop these vital skills.

–Your child’s level of proficiency in another language should immediately improve if he or she is true to the program’s immersion goal. Communicative skills in a second or third language are viewed as very desirable by employers in our age of globalization. 

–The Cucuyo Experience develops a greater sense of maturity and self confidence in students.

–Experience in another culture promotes greater appreciation of your child’s own culture and leads to a broader world perspective.

–The Cucuyo program will inaugurate a personal connection to the world that may well open many doors in the future. Once on the path to international learning, students often discover new options and new possibilities for their lives.

–During Cucuyo many students may discover new ways of life and thinking; this can be influential in the creation of life-long travel and interest in other places and cultures.

–Cucuyo cultivates art skills that are useful for personal growth, problem solving and emotional intelligence. In addition to art skills, our students also develop practical skills including group collaboration, public speaking, and self-motivation that are useful in everyday life.